Mission Statement

Pharmore Healthcare is an agile company, embracing the ever-changing healthcare environment. Constantly seeking solutions to problems as they emerge. Committed to providing our clients with the latest guidance and products to solve their needs at any given time. Taking care and pride to partner with the best organisations in the world to achieve this goal.


Total of 60 years combined experience, with every member of our team having worked within the global pharmaceutical industry, across multiple therapeutic areas and disciplines

Focus from our senior management team whose previous roles include senior positions with some of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical organisations

Ensures Pharmore Healthcare differs to all others within this competitive and commercial marketplace

Results by providing solutions to the challenges our clients face enables us to empower them, this in turn protects their business, their customers and their employees to the highest standards possible.

Pharmore Healthcare’s dedication enables us to add real value to our customers. We have worked hard to build our reputation by delivering solutions that satisfy all our customer’s needs.

We are constantly striving for improvement, and to become leaders in our industry

By combining our quality service with the procurement of and partnering with the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine.

Making a positive difference