GPhC and PHE

1.      Providing a test is only one part of the puzzle, it needs to be the RIGHT test particularly within a pharmacy setting (to meet GPhC requirements)

2.      Providing the RIGHT test WITH the software application to enable you to meet the PHE guidelines is the second KEY factor.

The BHA Healgen Rapid Antigen Test INCLUDES the required software application and vital link, enabling you to meet the key PHE requirements.

You HAVE to be certain that you have met a selection of key criteria before testing a patient within a pharmacy setting.

Helpful links:

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
GPhC have recently change its position on Rapid ANTIGEN lateral flow testing and have provided guidance on risk assessment for pharmacy to consider.

Public Health England (PHE)
Can you meet the PHE  guidelines on sharing your test data with them within 24 hours? PHE requirement in England as of 26th Oct 2020

Additional Questions

Does your insurance provider now cover testing within your pharmacy setting?

Is the test kit recognised by the UK Gov, Porton Down tested and carry a CE mark?

The BHA Healgen Rapid Antigen test carry’s all these benefits