Rapid Covid-19 Triple Antibody (IgA/IgM/IgG)

The IgA / IgM / IgG Antibody Combined Rapid Test can be used to evaluate the course of disease. T1 indicates the detection results of IgA and (or) IgM, and the detection significance is to assist the diagnosis of early and present infection. T2 is the result of IgG detection, and the significance of detection is to assist the diagnosis of mid-term or previous infection.

Detection Significance:

  • Early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection
  • Assess course development for disease
  • Early identification of suspected symptoms and atypical symptoms



  • Multi-index combination
  • Suitable for a variety of samples: whole blood, serum, plasma
  • Kits are stored at room temperature, without refrigeration and cold chain transport


Product Advantages