The ‘BHA Medical Healgen Rapid Antigen Test’

We are proud to be working with AIMp and delighted to announce the below details, of the long awaited Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Swab Testing solution, now available to pharmacy.

The GPHC have changed it’s guidance on rapid antigen testing within UK Community pharmacy.

Working with AIMp we have provided a unique package to enable AIMp members to benefit for a discount on the kits AND include cloud hosted software that meets key elements of the guidance within the GPHC recommendation as part for package price.

What’s included?

  1. Individual Branch Username and Password protected access to a cloud based, software portal that hosts the data capture form that is completed during the test

    This information, as required by PHE in England as of 26th Oct 2020 is automatically sent to PHE once the test is complete in accordance with the PHE guidance.
    The positive results are passed to PHE for processing within the Test Track and Trace system (on the patients behalf)
    This is a PHE requirement in England as of 26th Oct 2020

  2. Results ‘Push notification’ via TEXT and Email to the patient once the results of the test are known (results are 15 minutes from swab sample)
    This mean that it’s possible for the patient to leave the consultation room after the swab is taken, and do not need to remain within the pharmacy for longer than necessary
    Once the form is submitted the patient will receive the results automatically via TEXT and Email (with details of what to do in the event of a positive result)
  3. A robust ‘How To Use’ guide that forms part of you SOP’s for this service
    Written by industry professionals who are using these testing kits daily in private clinics
    Supplied in PDF form and can be emailed to each branch as a help/user guide
  4. A healthcare professional training video
    Designed to provide refresher training for those administering the swab test
    Circa 6 minutes in length for rapid review as and when needed (particularly when used in conjunction with the written ‘how to use’ guide)
  5. The BHA Medical Healgen Rapid Antigen test kits and testing station (supplied in packs of 20 tests per box)
    This is one of only a handful of recognised Antigen swab testing kits named on the GOV UK site
    Results automatically sent to PHE daily , Porton Down tested and CE marked 

AIMp Offer:

1-5 boxes price PER test = £19.99 plus VAT (£399.80 per box of 20 tests) plus P&P

5-50 boxes price PER test = £17.99 plus VAT (£359.80 per box of 20 tests) plus P&P

A bulk purchase price for 50 outers/boxes and above can be discussed by separate arrangement

Suggested retail price for this service is £49.99 PER test (Although pricing is at your discretion)

Please see our website for further details or contact